Star of Grand Designs ‘saddest ever episode’ found love again after wife split

Kevin McCloud has returned to one of Grand Designs’ most infamous builds in a special episode airing tonight.

The Channel 4 presenter is in North Devon for the show to see the (finally completed) Lighthouse, a £7million build which was the brain child of Edward Short, who appeared on the show in 2019 with his wife Hazel.

It took 100 tons of steel, 25 pillars drilled into blue bedrock slate, £7m in debt and also, sadly, one marriage breakdown.

Short spent a decade building the extraordinary Chesil Cliff House, in Croyde, Devon and now the incredible art-deco white lighthouse is on sale.

It first entered the public eye on 2018 in Grand Designs, in an infamous episode described as ” the saddest ever “.

Like many episodes of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud was keen to warn Edward that this project seemed impossible.

But the dad confidently told the TV presenter that they would be finished in just 18 months, and would spend no more than £1.8 million.

However, the project ended in disaster as the couple ended up splitting, while the family were plunged into millions of pounds of debt.

“It’s going to hurt but I want out,” a burnt-out Edward told The Sun. “It’s got to go because it’s beyond me now.

“I’m quite excited about that final moment when the deal closes. I’ve worked so long to get to that point and now, hopefully, that’s around the corner.

“It will be nice to get some sort of payback, even if it’s only a pint and packet of crisps at the very end.”

He also expanded on the impact the home had on him and his family in another interview as he added: “There’s no point in regrets, but obviously if I had any idea of what it would cost the marriage and my family, I wouldn’t have done it. I had started it; it’s not easy to back out of this.”

He added: “There were quite a few days where I looked temptingly at the cliff edge and thought life might be better down there, but that wouldn’t have helped anyone, would it? I couldn’t give up on that image I had of [the house].”

Since splitting, Edward and Hazel have found new partners, and remain firm friends, even though he acknowledges what he put her though was “horrendous.”

He’s now engaged to fiancée Jalia Nambasa – and is keen to make amends to Hazel through the sale of the house.

“I really want to give Hazel security again. That’s gone from her life, because of my exploits,” he told a paper.

The incredible six-bedroom house features a spa, steam room, cinema, and incredible open-plan kitchen that overlooks the infinity pool.

Every room has a balcony offering an incredible sea view, while a four-story rotunda features an incredible storm-room offering a 270-degree view of the bay.

Naturally, there’s also a helicopter landing spot and an outdoor venue that can be transformed into a gym or recording studio

But despite all the problems, Edward remained adamant he would finish – and now estate agent Knight Frank has now announced the sale of the main house and its annexe known as The Eye.

The estate agent described it as “one of the most impressive waterfront homes on the North Devon coast.”

It comprises of six bedrooms and bathrooms, four reception rooms, a sauna and a cellar. The property will also include the three-bedroom studio annexe known as The Eye and double garage.

A Knight Frank spokesperson added: “Chesil Cliff House is positioned on a three-acre site between surfers’ paradise Saunton Sands backed by the impressive UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Braunton Burrows, and the idyllic cove of Croyde, beyond which sits National Trust-owned Baggy Point.

“Not only does the property boast high design and build quality, it also has a south-facing position and an ease of access to the water with a private beach and foreshore.”

Christopher Bailey, Head of National Waterfront, Knight Frank, added: “Chesil Cliff House will be the most significant coastal property to come to the open market in the West Country for many years.

“It is iconic in the true meaning of the word and there is nothing else to compare it to on the market right now.

“It certainly sits at the very top of the national coastal waterfront market and I have no doubt it will attract keen interest globally.”

Characteristically, Edward is still remaining positive – despite the £7millon debt, as the Eye has been valued at £2million and the main house at £8million.

He told the Sun: “So there’s a happy ending to the story in that, in my opinion, we managed to get through a divorce and ended up with a bigger family and better relationship.”

“I’ll carry this place in my heart,” he added